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I've decided that if ever I write to an elected official, I should share what they say with anyone who is remotely interested. To that end I've created 'iSay' as a record and a public space for me to store any letter I recieve from an elected official. I use the writetothem.com website to contact elected officials.



Letter to my MP, Ben Chapmen, dated 18th January 2006.

Dear Mr Chapman,

As a Wirral resident I am writing to you in relation to the European data retention directive.

I am concerned by the attempt from the creative industries, namely movie & record companies to have the data retention directive amended to cover piracy. Its bad enough having our freedom and privacy eroded in the name of protecting us from terrorism, but to allow the creative industries access to this data is unacceptable. The creative industries seem to believe that protecting them from file sharers is as important as protecting us from terrorists!

I understand that every MEP has received a letter from the CMBA asking for you to support an amendment to not limit the act to only 'serious crime'

On a broader note, the acts effectiveness is questionable. As a computer professional I have a pretty good idea how to keep my communication secure, such as using multiple PAYG mobiles bought with cash, encrypting my email and sending it through non UK mail servers, and using anonymous proxies for my web surfing. If I as a normal citizen with nothing to hide knows how to do this, how much more a serious criminal or terrorist?

I look forward to your response on this.

Simon Jones

Mr Chapman responded just five days later stating that he had forwarded my letter to Douglas Alexander at the Foreign and Commenwealth Office for comment, and that he would be in touch again once he had heard back from Mr Alexander.
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On February the 13th Mr Chapman followed up on his earlier response enclosing a letter he had recieved from Douglas Alexander.
[See the cover letter from Ben Chapman] (JPG)
[See the letter from Douglas Alexander] ( JPG)


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