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Letter to my MP, Ben Chapmen, dated 25th August 2006.

Dear Mr Chapman,

Perhaps you can tell me what your stance on pressing issue of 'climate change' is. With the government is making some steps in the right direction do you not think that perhaps we should be looking to sprint in this direction rather than just step?

You must have children and perhaps even grand children Mr Chapman? Are you concerned that while all parties have recognised the importance of tackling climate change, which the Chief Scientific Advisor has said is the greatest threat the planet faces, the pace of social change in order to tackle this may indeed be too slow?

Here on the Wirral our local councils are slowly (very slowly) providing brown bins for recycling, but the introduction of this seems to be shrouded in confusion compounded with a lack of information. The recycling program is pitiful when compared to other local authorities across the country (for example Milton Keynes) which have impressive recycle programs that have been in place for years already. Why is more not being done?

It seems to me that the government should start taking the issue of climate change a little more seriously. Would it not make sense to provide incentives to individuals and businesses to help people make behavioural shifts toward a more environmentally conscious way of life?

Perhaps the government should start trying to lead by example? I would like to see municipal vehicles be replaced for more environmentally friendly vehicles powered by electricity of bio-diesel. Government building should be taking advantage of solar and wind power and using only low energy light bulbs. Quite apart from the long term cost savings involved the message to the masses would be clear. This government are serious about the environment.

I'm not some "tree-hugging loony lefty" Mr Chapman. I'm a normal British voter who has over the years woken up to the fact that we cannot simply continue to live the way we do now, burning huge amounts of power and throwing millions of tons of waste into ugly landfills that will be a headache for future generations.

As more and more people wake up to this I suspect that we will see more MPs taking an interest in so called 'green issues.' But before we get there perhaps I could ask you to take the time to explain to me exactly what is being done locally on the Wirral and nationally to address the very serious problem of climate change?

You may well have heard of a campaign called 'The Big Ask'. This campaign is calling for a legal framework for year-on-year cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. Over half of all MPs have already shown their support by signing EDM 178. If you are one of those MPs, thank you. If you haven't signed EDM 178 I urge you to do so and if you can't I would respectfully ask you why that is.

I thank you for taking the time to read this Mr Chapman.

Simon Jones

Mr Chapman responded almost a month later stating that he had forwarded my letter to Ian Pearson MP at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).
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On December 5th I once again wrote to Mr Chapman as I had heard nothing further from him or Mr Pearson.
See the follow up letter to Mr Chapman


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