Wirral Christian Centre, Birkenhead. Church at it's worst?
simon jones info Wirral Christian Centre

I used to attend the Wirral Christian Centre.

The Wirral Christian Centre is an Elim Pentecostal church based in Birkenhead run for its entire history by one man, the Rev Paul Epton. At some point I may write a little more about my views and opinions to do with modern Christianity and churches like the Wirral Christian Centre, as well as the problems faced by today's church, but just to set the record straight among those who think I am 'anti-church' in some way I would say this:

There are many good churches out there full of honest, loving and faithful Christians. People who are in every way normal, simply trying to live their lives according to their understanding of the Bible. Sadly though, it is an inescapable fact that some people attend church more like a social club, going through the motions, lifting their hands, and saying "Amen" when they are expected to. Familiarity with the people, surroundings and routines of organised religion brings with it the danger of complacency and apathy. While nobody can deny that it's nice to see familiar faces, this should not become a valid reason for attendance. Fear of the leadership in any form is a sign of problems, and should be addressed as such.

Some might be interested in reading more about what I think about faith a religion and perhaps even reading a post I wrote about a recent experience with a pastor from The Wirral Christian Centre.